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Workshop med temaet stemme, pust og "the whispered ah" 2. mai kl. 11 - 13 30

Tid: lørdag 2. mai, kl. 11 – 13 30.
Adresse: Lindealléen 20 B, 0487 Oslo

Medlemmer, inkl. støttemedlemmer i NFLAT: 150,-
Andre: 300,-

Bindende påmelding innen 25. 4. til Birgitte Elfving.
Mob: 41207556.

Deborah sier følgende om kurset.

We shall explore the “Whispered Ah” as a means of communication: how it enlightens and informs all that is in us. Exploring ways to use this unique exercise as part of the lesson and in one’s practice, and how in the “means where by” the procedure itself changes. Playing with different modes – in the chair, laying down, walking, etc. – we can awaken and stimulate free movement, sound and creative potential. We can also explore how it can profoundly reduce anxiety, stage fright and phobias like fear of flying. This workshop is for all levels: from the trainee to the experienced teacher, to the ones who hardly use this exercise and to those who use it all the time.

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman received her AT certification in 1988 from San Francisco; Post-Graduate training with Walter Carrington. She has taught privately and in group settings in the U.S., Europe and Argentina and comes once a month to teach in Oslo. She is the author of the newly published book: Pandora Learns to Sing – A Journey Toward Wholeness.
Deborahs website:

13. April 2015


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